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The Impact of Background Music on Average Time Spending on Websites


“What impact does background music has on the average time spent by internet users on websites?” **
Sub questions:
• How do the different aspects of music – texture (melody, harmony, rhythm) and time – impact the time spent by internet users on websites?
• How does background music impact internet speed and performance?
• Does the impact of background music on internet speed and performance affect the time spent on the net by users?
• In what ways can website developers ensure that background music attracts more users and that user’s increase the time they spend online?
3 documents are attached: Full instructions; Results of the surveys (for the data analysis) and Reflection Guidance.
—– Literature Review:
You need to be able to justify/highlight why you have included each of the topics, theories, concepts, models etc – their relevance to the aims/objectives of the study. For example, it may explain the inconclusive evidence of the various sources.
—-Research Methodology and Methods:
This chapter should reflect the underlying assumption(s) about your research methodology. You are expected to discuss the research method(s) used – the strengths and weaknesses as applied to your dissertation, and the activities to be carried out.
For example: research strategy and design, sample and sample size, and the justification of the chosen methods. You will need the literature on research methodology/methods to support your discussions.
—-Data Analysis/Findings:
The aim of this chapter may be to simply present and illustrate the findings reasonably descriptively without trying too hard to draw general conclusions. There can be different sections, each addressing the aims/objectives of the Dissertation
This chapter will allow you to review your work and interpret your results, to discuss the implications of your findings. A discussion is a commentary, not a reiteration, of your results. Refer back to your research questions and literature review and discuss how your research has contributed to the area. Demonstrate awareness of the limitations of your research; be critically evaluative of your own work. A good discussion is structured, comprehensive and concise.
—-Conclusions / Recommendations:
The chapter should try to draw general conclusions by summarising your findings, pointing out the ways in which these particular findings illuminate/explore/explain/clarify/etc the general issues and/or concepts raised in the literature review section of the research. This chapter should be reflective, critical, coherent and analytical, and integrate the theories and concepts. It should include recommendations for your future work.

Design thinking as a strategic tool in business


Design thinking as a strategic tool in business
Write a 2000 words essay in which you need to come up with a definition and your own understanding of design thinking, based on research on design thinking related literature also, find example of business applications of
Design thinking and include them in the essay, the examples must come from the same business area,
In more details:
1 Choose examples exploring the current literature on design thinking, its influences and its critiques and relate it to real world application of design thinking used as a strategic tool in business leadership.
2 Complete a thoroughly researched essay based on your examples Include:
Students own definition of design thinking
Design thinking application in a business organisation

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