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Research Proposals

Research proposals are papers written for approval so as to give someone a go ahead and write or carry out research in given area. Research proposals also come up before research papers and thesis projects are done. One important issue that should be noted about research proposals is the fact that they should always be original. The ideas should be based on an original concept someone wants to address. Clarity is an issue of contention. Approvers of research proposals always have a lot in hand. They always go for clearly stipulated materials which are objective and straight to the point. Though a research proposal may seem more or less similar to the mother research, they give brief insights into what the eventual project will look like. A research proposal should first of all have a hypothesis. This is a single statement that can be used to describe the whole project. It is a detailed full statement and is always proffered to be brief. While writing a research proposal, it is upon every student to be informed of the five main discussed sections. They come in the following sequence.

1. The Introduction.

Here is where a summary of what the whole research will entail is given. At times some literature to be used in the analysis can be named. It is worth noting that clarity and brevity are to be given high consideration. The choice of relevant information describing the research project is also important

2. The Problem Statement

This is where the problem to be addressed is aired. The problem statement takes a lot from the hypothesis. It should be clear that the problem to be addressed will be of both intellectual and practical development of the specific field selected.

3. Conceptual framework

This may in other words be referred to as the background of the study. The student should show what actually led to his or her study and what actual concept the study is based on. The concept can be revived from either secondary or primary sources or both.

4. The methodology

This is where the methods to be adopted for data collection are to be stipulated. They should be approved as to why they are the best sought methods. The mode of analysis should also come into light.

5. The Bibliography

This is a list of the sources of information to be used as the back bone of the research. Note that the research proposal should be appealing. Order a research proposal now at and enjoy the best experience ever. You will get high grade proposal at affordable prices. Indeed, no topic is too difficult for our writers to handle; they are highly experienced in every subject presented. Order with us and understand why we at are the best in this industry.